If you suspect that your dog is suffering from urinary tract infection, it is best that you take your pet to the veterinarian right away for proper medication. While there are several home remedies for UTI In Dogs, pet owners are strongly advised to give their pets the right medicine to relieve them of the discomfort the disease may bring.

The diagnosis of urinary tract infection in dogs starts with a physical exam. Your veterinarian will observe the clinical symptoms that your dog is exhibiting to verify the disease and its severity. However, the most common methods used today for UTI diagnosis are a complete urinalysis, as well as a urine culture. A portion of the dog's urine is tested and cultured so that its bacteria content can be determined. Keep in mind that dog UTI only occurs if the invading bacteria had fully defeated the dog's immune system.

Urinary tract infections in dogs normally occur in the lower urinary tract.However, for male dogs, the prostate gland can also be involved. A special process has to be conducted to extract urine from the dog. Veterinarians have to be very careful not to contaminate the dog's urine with any specimens or microorganisms that may be present in the dog's genitals.

Besides analyzing your dog's urine, veterinarians may also require blood samples from your dog. Your dog's blood will be further analyzed so that the veterinarian can rule out other diseases like diabetes in dogs, which may also cause similar infections. The blood sample will also reveal if there are kidney or bladder stones present.

If the medical diagnosis still is not definite, there is another method veterinarians may use to detect UTI in dogs. An ultrasound could confirm whether or not your pet is suffering from UTI. Other than bacteria, some types of fungi may also cause the same medical reactions in dogs. Some experienced veterinarians may subject your dog's urine to a fungal culture. Doing so will help determine if the infection is caused by fungi.

Today's advanced medical technologies are helping veterinary doctors as well as human doctors. It is just as important for dogs to be given the same amount of medical attention as a human patient. UTI in dogs is a manageable disease if diagnosed at an early stage. Taking your dog to a veterinarian for a regular check up will help ensure that your pet enjoys good health.

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