Urinary tract infection is a disease that is very common in dogs. There is a 14% chance that your dog will suffer from UTI during its lifetime. However, if you are attentive to your dog's health care needs, you may be able to prevent this disease from occurring. Here are five helpful tips that will help you prevent UTI in your dog.

1. Make sure that your dog gets toilet breaks frequently.

If your dog shows signs of having to go to the bathroom, immediately take your dog outside. Urine contains bacteria, and the bladder is responsible for holding the urine until it is expelled. If urine stays in the bladder longer than necessary, bacteria may propagate and eventually find its way into other organs. Don't make your dog wait to go to the bathroom for too long! Try to take your dog outside every few hours, if possible. Better yet, provide your dog with constant outdoor access so that it can take control over its own bathroom habits.

2. Provide your dog with adequate water.

Water helps to clean your dog's urinary tract. It replenishes the body's fluids while washing away bacteria. Give your dog enough water throughout the day to encourage sufficient urination. Urination is the body's natural way of clearing away harmful microorganisms. Give your dog open access to water, and make sure to replace the water once per day.

3. Prepare citrus drinks for your dog.

Citrus drinks like orange juice will cause your dog's urine to become more acidic. If your dog's urine is higher in acidity, the amount of bacteria that are present in the urine is much less. Citrus juices can also reduce the pain associated with urination, if your dog is already suffering from a UTI. Dogs may not like the taste of acidic juices, so you may have to mix the juice with something else. To give your pet sufficient fruit juice, start by providing a bowl of juice next to the food bowl, preferably around breakfast. Let your dog finish a glass of fruit juice for three consecutive days, and always give your dog juice with the first meal of the day.

4. Bring your dog to regular veterinary checkups.

Just like humans, dogs need medical attention too. Try not to let too much time go by without taking your dog to the veterinarian. Veterinary check-ups can be useful for identifying health conditions at an early stage, and ensuring that you are doing the best to maintain overall good health for your dog.

5. Give your dog proper food and nutrition.

To ensure that your dog won't acquire UTI, make sure to feed your dog only in the recommended amount listed on your dog food's packaging. Be sure to take away uneaten portion of your dog's meal immediately, so that bacteria does not get into it. It would be very harmful for your dog if it ingested contaminated food. Dispose of any excess food, and try to maintain a sanitary environment for your dog to enjoy mealtimes.

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