If your dog is suffering from a urinary tract infection, it has to be treated immediately. This is because a simple UTI can develop into a more complicated disease if left ignored for a long period of time. A UTI may lead to any of the following health complications in dogs:

1. Renal Failure.

Renal failure or kidney failure occurs if the normal functions of the kidney are disrupted. The dog's body needs to produce and release urine in the amount of 2 ml/kg per hour. If the amount of urine does not meet these requirements, the kidney processes may become abnormal. If this problem continues for a long period of time, renal failure will follow.

2. Removal of kidneys.

UTI, in its advanced stages, may gradually reach a point where the kidney has to be removed entirely to prevent further damage by this disease. While this doesn't happen to all dogs, the possibility is always there. This is a very alarming complication, and it only enhances the importance of treating dog UTI at the moment the disease is detected.

3. Fever.

A dog whose temperature rises and falls frequently is likely to have a urinary tract infection, especially if the other symptoms of the disease are present as well. Fever is a very common symptom of any type of infection. A fever is usually caused by bacteria or any foreign element invading the body.

4. Kidney or bladder stones.

There are instances where UTI is simply the preliminary phase of a more complicated health concern, such as kidney stones. UTI may occur when kidney stones have formed inside the kidneys or bladder of your dog. There are several different ways to remove these stones, although for the most advanced cases, surgery is required.

5. Weakened immune system.

A weakened immune system is a side effect of UTI, even if it does not develop into a more complicated disease. The presence of a UTI indicates that many of a dog's antibodies have already been defeated by bacteria. If the immune system doesn't recover, there is a high probability that other diseases may develop.

These are the five reasons why urinary tract infection in your dog needs to be treated right away. Ignoring the disease will only lead to health complications, and more expensive medical treatments. Make sure that your dog receives adequate medical care if you suspect that it may have a urinary tract infection. As a responsible pet owner, you need to take care of your dog by providing for all of its medical needs

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